How To Get Fit For Vacation X Bounce Society
May 30, 2017


Autumn Marie

I was never able to do cardio due to my heart issues, a car accident that damaged neck nerves and back problems. However, I’ve learned how to overcome these obstacles and continue to workout. I can now be on an elliptical machine for 45 mins. I used to not even make it to 5 mins without fainting. I am now able to take classes involving cardio! Now I can finally share my secret. Two words, Bounce Society! I fell in love with Bounce Society a couple of months ago.

Besides eating correctly, getting enough protein and working out five times a week, I joined Bounce Society! The classes consist of cardio and muscle sculpting using trampolines and other techniques. It’s a fun way to build your endurance (Especially when my girls Beyonce & Britney are playing) I have never worked out with instructors who have so much positive energy and knowledge CHELSEA & TALIA (The two gorgeous #bosslady owners of BS) have put so much thought into their workout routines to make the class fun for everyone, beginner or not.

Before a vacay I try to get a good Bounce Class in the week before I leave. My favorite workout is half sculpt half bounce. That way I get the best of both worlds by sculpting my booty and burning off those calories I will be gaining on vacay. But who said vacay calories count, right? The classes run about an hour long but it doesn’t feel that long when you are bouncing around having fun!

Bounce Society is conveniently located in Costa Mesa for all my OC gals. They also offer Baby sitting for all my moms out there!
So what are you waiting for? Bikini season is right around the corner!

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