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Anyone who knows me, knows how obsessed I am with health and fitness! I’ve been active my whole life thanks to dance, but, now that I’m not in the studio 5 to 6 hours a day anymore, I try to find other ways to help me stay fit and active while having a good time doing it! Which brings me to my most recent discovery…. Bounce Society Fitness! In my opinion, this work out is the definition of a “total body” work out. And who doesn’t love that?!

The founder of Bounce Society Fitness, Chelsea Rush, is the cutest and fittest little jumping bean! My roomies, Dani & Tiffanie, have known Chelsea for a few years and we were so excited to all connect and try out Chelsea’s latest obsession. Tiff & I were lucky to get a private session with her, and boy, did she kick our booties! The class she gave us was a “half & half” class where we did half cardio and half muscle sculpting. (I honestly don’t know how I could’ve gotten through a full cardio class… but I must try one soon!) With our own mini trampolines, we bounced and kicked and twisted, doing all these fancy moves that you think would be easy-peasy. Chelsea looked so graceful up on that tramp, while me and Tiff were just trying to keep up, hahah! It’s such a rush, though! Once I found the beat with the loud, awesome music, I felt like a rockstar. Then, Chels would switch it up on us with a new fancy move, which was actually great because it keeps your mind and your body guessing. Also, we did a little bit of weight-lifting, squats, and TONSS of ab work outs (those are always my fav). I was so impressed on how we still incorporated the trampoline with all of our sculpting moves, and man did we feel the burn throughout our whole body.

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Chelsea mentioned how bouncing up and down on the trampoline is so good for our hearts and cardio. The reason why is because most of us are so used to traveling horizontal, like jogging/running for example, so traveling vertical is challenging for us and really gets our heart rate up. After jumping consecutively, I could really feel my endurance increasing… which is a love-hate feeling because you also feel like you’re dying ?hahaha. Another fun fact is that the trampoline is so great for your joints and muscles because you’re not dealing with the rough impact of a hard surface. As a dancer, I love knowing how to protect my body so that I can dance for as long as I can!

I highly recommend EVERYONE to try this out! If you’re in the OC area, definitely give it a shot. Bounce Society Fitness is located in Costa Mesa and you can get the address and schedule from their website. If you’re not in Southern Cali, research trampoline workouts and go have some fun while getting a major sweat on!

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Thank you so much Chelsea for the incredible workout! I left class feeling so accomplished, exhausted, and in an amazing mood! In my mind, the perfect morning is a killer workout with amazing, inspiring people, and a delicious healthy meal to replenish and refuel my body…. and that’s exactly what I did this morning ?

Smiles & Love,


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