The Instructors


“Work Hard, Play Harder.”

I live by that little quote, and bouncing is a little bit of both! Life is too short to simply run on a treadmill. Expand your horizons and challenge yourself to new experiences; you might be surprised at how much you can accomplish.

Position: Co-founder, Bounce instructor, Barre instructor

Place you call home? La Mirada, CA

How would your best friend describe you? Active. Loyal. Loving.

Guilty pleasure? Brownies and ice cream!

Vacay spot? Lake Havasu in Arizona

Favorite musical artist? Top 3: Kaskade, Gorgon City, and Zhu.

Best part of teaching at Bounce Society? The team and the clients, hands down. These people inspire me to be the best that I can be, and I’m so grateful for them! Thanks for bringing great vibes into the studio everyday!


“Que sera sera.”

Translates to “Whatever will be, will be.” My mom’s been saying this to me since I can remember. To me it means work hard, do your best & it will all workout in the end. Never ever give up on what moves you.

Position: Co-founder, Bounce instructor, Barre instructor

Place you call home? Newport Beach, greatest city in the world.

How would your bff describe you? Talkative.

Guilty please? hot bath + a Lush bathbomb + red wine + Game Of Thrones.

Vacay spot? New Orleans. Best music & dancing.

Favorite musical artist? George Strait. I’m totally a secret country girl!

Best part of teaching at Bounce Society? It would have to be teaching somebody at their first class. Initiating a new client into Bounce Society is my absolute favorite. Seeing the beginning, middle & end of their first experience.  At the end of class they always have this huge smile on their face! It’s the best feeling in the world.


“Eat clean + kick ass to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane.”

I love teaching at Bounce Society because it brings me back to my dancing roots. Blasting music & feeling the beat!  I love putting together a playlist that’s going to want to make my clients move & sweat to their best ability! I love teaching Bounce because it’s not a chore, it’s fun & it’s become a way of life.

Place you call home? the beach. the sand. the waves; Newport Beach California.

How would your BFF describe you? Loud. Confident. Cheeky. Creative.

Guilty pleasure? Food.

Vacay spot? Hawaii, hands down.

Favorite musical artist? Bon Iver.

Best part of teaching at Bounce Society? The musicality of the classes + getting to make people sweat & push themselves to the next level!


“The days that break you, are the days that make you.”

I’ve had a lot of “tough times” in my life, and consider myself a resilient person. In those times where I/we feel like nothing is going right, there is always that moment where you stop and think…alright how can I fix this, or how can I get past this… and it’s almost like you snap! That is the moment you choose to become better, and those are the days that make you who you are.

Place you call home?
Home/original home? Baltimore, MD.
Current/future home? Orange County, CA.

How would your best friend describe you? Crazy and hilarious. Fun loving and adventurous. Hard working and resilient. Kind hearted and loving.

Guilty pleasure? Hmm… probably Hannah Montana and High School Musical. The music, the movies, the songs, the merchandise… all of it!

Vacay spot? The Caribbean! Or Hawaii! Really, anything with white sand, teal water, and lots of adventure.

Favorite musical artist? Well, first place always has to be Britney! I’m really a Top 40 Poppy girl.

Best part of teaching at Bounce Society? Is it weird to say Girl Power?? The founders, Chelsea and Talia, are both professional and really care about everyone, which translates into a positive work environment. The culture of Bounce Society is the thing that keeps instructors and clients coming back for more.


“No matter what they do, every person on earth plays a central role in the history of the world. And normally they don’t know it”

Place you call home?: Irvine, CA

How would you’re best friend describe you?: Ridiculous, Weird, Friendly

Guilty Pleasure?: Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, Gummy Rings…. Gummy things…..

Vacay Spot?: What’s vacation….. Any place where I can get away from work

Favorite Musical Artist?: I honestly don’t have one… I listen to a bit of everything

Best part of teaching at Bounce Society?: The workout can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be. There’s room to grow, and everyone here wants you to succeed. I’m also the only guy for now ?


“You win or learn, never lose.”

My main goal in life is to learn something from every person and every experience, good or bad. Don’t be sad when things don’t go your way, learn from it, pick yourself up and figure out a way to grow from it! Giving up is never an option. Stay positive, there’s always a way!!

Place I call home: Spent a lot of my childhood in Norco, CA. Horse town USA. But my life is in Orange County’s Beach cities. Home is Anaheim, CA

How would friends describe me: Social butterfly, electric, energizer bunny.

Guilty pleasure: The bakery!!

Vacay: Sitting my butt on an island somewhere doing a whole lotta nothing!

Weird thing you keep in your bag: A movie theater gift card that I’ve had for over a year.

Favorite artist: Raised with country and classic rock, but I love to get down and dance with some EDM and hip hop.

Best part about teaching at Bounce Society: Feeling the electric energy from everyone in the room! The loud music, the lights, the SWEAT! There’s nothing like a full class of energized people ready to kill a workout!


“Never give up, never surrender”

Not only do I believe that most problems in life can be overcome through perseverance and hard work, but that late 90’s comedies are a great source for inspiration and wisdom.

Place you call home? Wherever my dogs are, so currently Placentia, CA. Originally, Virginia.

How would your BFF describe you? Driven, competitive and focused, but also supportive, helpful and friendly.

Guilty pleasure? Desserts

Vacay spot? Anywhere new and different. Favorite places so far are Vietnam and Venice.

Favorite emoji? Texting you this answer because gmail emojis are weird.

Weird thing you keep in your bag? Gaming Mouse. Just in case I need to use someone else’s computer.

Favorite musical artist? Nelly. He most effectively combines my love of country and rap.

Best part of teaching at bounce society? Being part of an amazing community dedicated to self-improvement. Getting to know the clients and watching them grow and progress.


“When you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth…. And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

In The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho wrote this, which reminds me that we all have unique strengths, passions, and gifts, and we are designed to use them! When we’re putting our most heartfelt desires into action, there’s something much greater than us that guides us along the way.

Place I call home: Newport Beach, CA

How would friends describe me:
33% Passion-driven, thoughtful, and loving
34% Weird and quirky
33% Hardworking, determined, and organized

Guilty pleasure: Rocky road or mint chip ice cream. Or America’s Cup. Or Pressed Juicery.

Vacay: Somewhere off the beaten path. Probably in or close to nature. Definitely somewhere with people from a culture that is very different than my own.

Favorite Emoji? It’s a toss-up between the eyeroll, the SOS, and the girl shrugging her shoulders emojis.

Weird thing you keep in your bag: I don’t usually have too much extra stuff on me, but the weirdest thing I probably have is my Dr. Bronner’s organic lavender hand sanitizer. Is that really even that weird though?

Favorite artist: If I reaaaaaally had to choose one, I’d go with Jeremy Loops. Good vibes, genuinely cool dude, positive lyrics, and comes from the beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

Best part about teaching at Bounce Society: The community! Chelsea and Talia bring together a lot of fun and supportive people. Not to mention that this is actually THEE most fun cardio workout ever and I love getting to share it with people.


“You don’t just wake up and become the butterfly.”

Growth is a process. I love this quote so much because it is a constant reminder that all great things take time and you must enjoy the process.

Place I call home: I would say my church. It’s one of my favorite places to be.

How would friends describe me: Super optimistic and outgoing.

Guilty pleasure: Omg, peanut butter and dark chocolate together, is my absolute guilty pleasure. I can eat that all day if I could.

Vacay: Anywhere that has a beach!

Favorite Emoji? Any heart emoji. I love sending hearts lol

Weird thing you keep in your bag: Dental Floss.

Favorite artist: I love so many Artists, but right now I’m currently obsessed with Khalid, Billie Eilish, and Lauren Daigle.

Best part about teaching at Bounce Society: This one is a tough one because there is so much I love about teaching at Bounce Society but if I had to choose one thing it is that I am able to have fun with my bouncers. I love that Bounce Society provides a unique and healthy space where I am allowed to be myself, throw a party on the trampoline and provide a killer workout! Its seriously the best!


“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right” – Henry Ford

Place I call home: Fullerton….but mainly the beach

How would friends describe me: First one on the dance floor, outgoing, loves fitness and eating.

Guilty pleasure: Brownies. Definitely brownies.

Vacay: Anywhere that has a beach!

Favorite Emoji? Crying laughing emoji

Weird thing you keep in your bag: I’ve been known to have pepper in my bag. Not the spray…the kind you put on food. Love me some pepper!

Favorite artist: Anyone with a good beat!

Best part about teaching at Bounce Society: It’s one of the hardest workouts around, but yet at the same time, the most fun you’ll ever have while working out.


“Keep moving and have fun!”

I literally say this phrase every time before I teach! Whether it’s in class or life, learn to move on, move forward, and make progress. And don’t forget to loosen up and have fun along the way!

Place I call home: I’m an Oklahoma native living life in Costa Mesa!

How would friends describe me: Loyal, dependable, dramatic and goofy 🙂

Guilty pleasure: All the baked goodies and pastries please!

Vacay: For close by, I love Big Bear! Further would be Hawaii or Bali… anywhere where I can be outdoors, hike, and enjoy fresh air outside of the city.

Favorite Emoji? Hearts for sure. Or food haha!

Weird thing you keep in your bag: Random coffee candies that I’ll probably never eat!

Favorite artist: For dance- Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, JLO, Daddy Yankee… For jamming in the car- Casey Musgraves, Demi Lovato, Chainsmokers, Britt Nicole to name a few!

Best part about teaching at Bounce Society: I appreciate so much the investment that Talia and Chelsea make in all of the instructors. They are amazing at what they do and have created an awesome community at Bounce Society. Making new friends and establishing relationships has been the best part too- all while getting an insanely great workout!


“Choose someone who wants to grow with you. Choose someone who wants to challenge you to grow. You’re going to want a partner who stands shoulder to shoulder with you as you take on the trials life will inevitably throw your way. You’re going to need each other so you better make sure it’s someone who’s ready to get their hands dirty.” – @mindfulmft

(Vienna Pharaon) Vienna is one of my favorite accounts to follow. This quote speaks to me because I believe it holds true for all relationships; romantic, friendship, and business. Life will inevitably throw some curveballs at you; make sure you have a few solid people in your corner to lean on when it gets tough.

Place I call home: I was born and raised on Long Island (NY), and moved to Costa Mesa, CA in November 2017. I will always love NY, but southern California is starting to feel more and more like home!

How would friends describe me: Extroverted, “energizer bunny”, and always dancing!

Guilty pleasure: Fried chicken lol I don’t eat it often, but if I smell it, GAME OVER.

Vacay: Italy will always have a special place in my heart. I studied abroad there Jan-May 2013 and fell in love with the people, food, and culture.

Favorite Emoji? Dancing girl

Weird thing you keep in your bag: All natural “Breath Refresher” from Mother’s Market. My jaw KILLS after chewing gum, so I switched to this alternative!

Favorite artist: Too hard to pick just one artist because I love so many different types of music! One of my favorite Spotify playlists is “Pop Remix” because that is the type of music I love to dance/choreograph to!

Best part about teaching at Bounce Society: The members that come to my class and the owners! The members are the highlight of my day; in a one hour period my whole mood can change because of the energy they bring to class. We seriously have so much fun together, and it’s always a party in my Cardio Dance class! Both owners, Chelsea and Talia, are amazing to work with. They are so open to my ideas and we have a great partnership that I’m so grateful for!

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