“The days that break you, are the days that make you.”

I’ve had a lot of “tough times” in my life, and consider myself a resilient person. In those times where I/we feel like nothing is going right, there is always that moment where you stop and think…alright how can I fix this, or how can I get past this… and it’s almost like you snap! That is the moment you choose to become better, and those are the days that make you who you are.

Place you call home?
Home/original home? Baltimore, MD.
Current/future home? Orange County, CA.

How would your best friend describe you? Crazy and hilarious. Fun loving and adventurous. Hard working and resilient. Kind hearted and loving.

Guilty pleasure? Hmm… probably Hannah Montana and High School Musical. The music, the movies, the songs, the merchandise… all of it!

Vacay spot? The Caribbean! Or Hawaii! Really, anything with white sand, teal water, and lots of adventure.

Favorite musical artist? Well, first place always has to be Britney! I’m really a Top 40 Poppy girl.

Best part of teaching at Bounce Society? Is it weird to say Girl Power?? The founders, Chelsea and Talia, are both professional and really care about everyone, which translates into a positive work environment. The culture of Bounce Society is the thing that keeps instructors and clients coming back for more.

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