“Que sera sera.”

Translates to “Whatever will be, will be.” My mom’s been saying this to me since I can remember. To me it means work hard, do your best & it will all workout in the end. Never ever give up on what moves you.

Position: Co-founder, Bounce instructor, Barre instructor

Place you call home? Newport Beach, greatest city in the world.

How would your bff describe you? Talkative.

Guilty please? hot bath + a Lush bathbomb + red wine + Game Of Thrones.

Vacay spot? New Orleans. Best music & dancing.

Favorite musical artist? George Strait. I’m totally a secret country girl!

Best part of teaching at Bounce Society? It would have to be teaching somebody at their first class. Initiating a new client into Bounce Society is my absolute favorite. Seeing the beginning, middle & end of their first experience.  At the end of class they always have this huge smile on their face! It’s the best feeling in the world.

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