“Eat clean + kick ass to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane.”

I love teaching at Bounce Society because it brings me back to my dancing roots. Blasting music & feeling the beat!  I love putting together a playlist that’s going to want to make my clients move & sweat to their best ability! I love teaching Bounce because it’s not a chore, it’s fun & it’s become a way of life.

Place you call home? the beach. the sand. the waves; Newport Beach California.

How would your BFF describe you? Loud. Confident. Cheeky. Creative.

Guilty pleasure? Food.

Vacay spot? Hawaii, hands down.

Favorite musical artist? Bon Iver.

Best part of teaching at Bounce Society? The musicality of the classes + getting to make people sweat & push themselves to the next level!

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