“Never give up, never surrender”

Not only do I believe that most problems in life can be overcome through perseverance and hard work, but that late 90’s comedies are a great source for inspiration and wisdom.

Place you call home? Wherever my dogs are, so currently Placentia, CA. Originally, Virginia.

How would your BFF describe you? Driven, competitive and focused, but also supportive, helpful and friendly.

Guilty pleasure? Desserts

Vacay spot? Anywhere new and different. Favorite places so far are Vietnam and Venice.

Favorite emoji? Texting you this answer because gmail emojis are weird.

Weird thing you keep in your bag? Gaming Mouse. Just in case I need to use someone else’s computer.

Favorite musical artist? Nelly. He most effectively combines my love of country and rap.

Best part of teaching at bounce society? Being part of an amazing community dedicated to self-improvement. Getting to know the clients and watching them grow and progress.

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