“Choose someone who wants to grow with you. Choose someone who wants to challenge you to grow. You’re going to want a partner who stands shoulder to shoulder with you as you take on the trials life will inevitably throw your way. You’re going to need each other so you better make sure it’s someone who’s ready to get their hands dirty.” – @mindfulmft

(Vienna Pharaon) Vienna is one of my favorite accounts to follow. This quote speaks to me because I believe it holds true for all relationships; romantic, friendship, and business. Life will inevitably throw some curveballs at you; make sure you have a few solid people in your corner to lean on when it gets tough.

Place I call home: I was born and raised on Long Island (NY), and moved to Costa Mesa, CA in November 2017. I will always love NY, but southern California is starting to feel more and more like home!

How would friends describe me: Extroverted, “energizer bunny”, and always dancing!

Guilty pleasure: Fried chicken lol I don’t eat it often, but if I smell it, GAME OVER.

Vacay: Italy will always have a special place in my heart. I studied abroad there Jan-May 2013 and fell in love with the people, food, and culture.

Favorite Emoji? Dancing girl

Weird thing you keep in your bag: All natural “Breath Refresher” from Mother’s Market. My jaw KILLS after chewing gum, so I switched to this alternative!

Favorite artist: Too hard to pick just one artist because I love so many different types of music! One of my favorite Spotify playlists is “Pop Remix” because that is the type of music I love to dance/choreograph to!

Best part about teaching at Bounce Society: The members that come to my class and the owners! The members are the highlight of my day; in a one hour period my whole mood can change because of the energy they bring to class. We seriously have so much fun together, and it’s always a party in my Cardio Dance class! Both owners, Chelsea and Talia, are amazing to work with. They are so open to my ideas and we have a great partnership that I’m so grateful for!

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