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If you haven’t figured this out yet, I’m a workout class junkie.

I love to try classes and tell you about them so you don’t have to waste your time weeding out the bad ones. I also have an aversion to injury-prone classes with subpar instructors who push you past your comfort zone in the ‘I’m-going-to-call-my-chiropractor-as-soon-as-this-is-over kind of way.’

Thankfully, I have found the Holy Grail of workout classes that has it all: a major cardio push, toning from head-to-toe, and instructors who actually know what they’re doing and care about you having the safest and best workout possible.

The reason that I’m stressing that they keep your body safe in this class is because it can be scary at first: It involves trampolines.

In fact, it’s entirely based on trampoline cardio. I went into this class already imagining how I would decorate my crutches for my wedding, since I was now destined to be a casted bride, and thinking about how no matter what, I was still absolutely wearing my insanely awesome wedding heels.

I immediately walked in telling Talia, ‘Hi, I’m Marie from Boardwalk Gemini, and I want you to know, I’m really excited about this article, but I’m not coordinated and I’m really tired so I’m probably going to fall and/or die.’

She laughed and assured me that neither of those things have ever happened, that I would surprise myself, and that I’d be totally OK. She even told me the class would wake me up, which I thought impossible since my Hemoval pre-workout mix and espresso combination had yet to do the trick.

Despite my fears and my sheepish initial jumps on the trampoline, she was totally right. By the end, I felt like I had adopted a new identity as a prima trampolina (is that a thing?), and was totally awake. Sweaty and disgusting, but awake.

Trust me: this workout is awesome: It’s fun, it’s fast, and it will totally kick your ass.

Read on to find out why.

Marie Spada: How did you and Chelsea Rush start Bounce Society?

Talia-Lynn Prairie: It kind of stumbled on us in a really weird way. We were basically grandfathered in by all these clients that already loved bouncing, and we had worked really hard to master it as instructors and trainers. We loved it ourselves, so we kind of were given no other option! We didn’t know what scale we’d do it on at first. We first decided to get a truck and five trampolines and do classes at the park, and somebody told us to just go for it. They told us, ‘If you have the money to invest and trained instructors, write your own method, come up with your own system’ and that was that! It almost birthed us as much as we birthed it.

People always tell me, ‘Oh my gosh, you started a business? I just saw you 6 months ago!’ and it’s honestly like I had a baby I didn’t even know I was pregnant with! It just happened! The ball started rolling, and it’s been awesome. I feel like everything in our lives, every relationship I’ve had, every job I got or didn’t get, led us here, and it’s been so fun, and people love it, almost as much as we do.


MS: What are some of the benefits of Bounce?

TP: Oh, my gosh, so many. It helps with sleep patterns and drains your lymphatic system. Your lymph system doesn’t drain unless you’re moving. In our every day lives, we stand up, we sit down, we walk forward, we rarely walk side-to-side, we rarely go up and down in the way that’s weightless. At the bottom of your bounce though, you hold four times your weight, so it really pushes your toxins out. When you’re up there [in the air] you’re weightless and all [the toxins] push up, and when you land, it pushes them all out. It’s really hard to not be happy when you are bouncing. You rarely see someone actually get frustrated. It’s a very hard emotion to feel when you’re bouncing, because it’s fun and we’re raised to think of it as a fun thing, so it’s really hard to get upset. It helps with a cold; it even helps with a hangover if you drank the night before! We have a lot of girls come in Saturday morning and although it’s hard to get here, after you’re like, ‘I’m ready for the day! I don’t have to lie in bed until noon!’ It’s good for your joints; there’s zero impact. If you’ve had a knee injury in the past, definitely not if you’re still getting over it, but if you’ve had one [and it’s healed], you’ll find that it’s a lot more comfortable than running, the treadmill, the Stairmaster, squats, etc. We also supplement our bouncing with toning, which is inspired by martial arts, yoga, dancing, and kicking of a soccer ball or throwing a baseball, so they’re all movements you’ve seen before, but have never thought, ‘Oh, if I do this with a weight or leg up in a balance, that will target such and such muscles.’

It’s a very lengthening and toning exercise. Everyone’s body looks the way it’s supposed to if you’re committed to bounce. So, I’m not saying you’re going to be supermodel thin if you bounce every day, but you’re going to look the best that your body can. That’s the great thing about bounce, you don’t over bulk, you don’t under bulk, you tone and it’s great because everyone tells me, ‘Oh my gosh, I am in love with MY body! I’ve never felt like this!’ It’s really great. (Laughing) Oh, my gosh, I just went on a tangent! I could keep going!

MS: No, that’s awesome to hear! How many calories do you burn on average in a class?

TP: I would say 750 to 1,000 calories. You definitely burn the most in your very first class because it’s a shock to your system. Obviously, the more calories you burn in class, the more you burn after class. You burn calories for up to 2 hours after. It’s like you’re still working out, even when you’re not!

MS: What’s your favorite thing about Bounce Society?

TP: I would say when a client finishes their very first class. They’ve probably come in saying, ‘I have no coordination! I’m going to fall off! I’m going to break an ankle!’ whatever stigma they’ve associated with the workout and that feeling is just gone after class. I’m always saying, ‘Oh! So you didn’t fall off! You didn’t break an ankle! You DO have coordination! How do you feel?’ And they’re just so satisfied, and I’m satisfied because they’ve had a great experience and hopefully they’re coming back. That exchange is really great; I love it. That’s my favorite part, besides the actual bouncing of course!

MS: What are your tips for first-timers?

TP: Don’t give up’ it’s supposed to be hard! Nobody is amazing the first time, not even your instructor. We all had to learn. Give it a fighting change, because I will stand by this until they come out with something better, which they haven’t, it is the best cardio workout you can do, overall. NASA said it, I’ll say it, my mentor will say it, and anybody I’ve talked to will say it. Everyone who does it will tell you it’s the fastest hour of their day. It burns the highest amount of calories with the most brain stimulation. That’s why we have a dance-based method, because if you just bounce — which we can do — then it’s kind of like a spin class. There’s only so much you can do on a bike with your legs; you can only go forward. They’ve added more to it to make it more stimulating, so I’m not knocking the workout, it’s great, but you can only go in one direction. That’s why we have the dancing; you go forward, backward, and side-to-side. It’s stimulating your brain, so you can’t just check out like in other classes. If you’re brain isn’t involved, then that’s taking out an element of work. It wakes people up. Those 6 AMers are intense! They come in like, ‘YES! I am READY!’

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MS: How much are your one-on-one lessons for those (such as myself) who might need a little help before jumping into a class?

TP: $100. A one-on-one is great if you can do it. It’s kind of like you get your secret look at the most basic version of everything, but we can also tell you the reason for why certain things may not be working out for you, like if you’re not landing in the right place. We can talk to you and make you understand in a way that you understand. We’ve studied all different types of ways to teach for all different types of learners. We also have group classes, so if you and a friend want to do it, you can do that, and obviously the rate comes down the more people you have.

MS: What are your hours?

TP: 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., but we don’t have a full schedule yet because we are still a baby company. We just added a Sunday Restore class though, so we are really excited about that. It’s half-bouncing, and half-yoga. It’s a Vinyasa flow created by Destiny and Chelsea; they are both yoga certified instructors. The first 30 minutes is full bouncing, then the second 30 minutes is done with bouncing, turn off the lights, light a candle, get your mat, and it’s yoga time.

MS: Is that open to yoga first-timers?

TP: Yes!

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