New Bouncers!

First time at Bounce Society?

Now, it may seem intimidating to step onto a trampoline or step up to a barre for the first time, and that’s okay! Our certified instructors guide you through the basic techniques in order for you to get a safe, effective, and fun workout!

Book Classes Online:

– There are limited amount of spots in each class, so be sure to reserve your spot ahead of time by signing up online. Create a Mindbody account to start booking your classes online!

Late Cancel Policy:

– Late cancellation fee for classes occurs within 6 Hours before the class time. Failure to cancel at least 6 hours before the class time results in: $10 late cancellation fee for memberships or loss of class for class packages.

– You can Early Cancel through Mindbody Online.

5-minute Grace Period:

– If you’re running late, we allow a strict 5-minute grace period for arriving to class. This is to preserve the flow of the class as well as for your own safety. If you are running late, please call us and let us know. If we do not hear from you, your trampoline may be taken by someone on the waitlist.


– Don’t hesitate to get on the waitlist if a class is full!  If you are on the waitlist and you’ve been added to the class, you will receive an email notification.  You’re more than welcome to come to the studio and see if a spot opens up as well.


Am I going to fall off the trampoline?

Even though there is no harness holding you on the trampoline, it’s extremely unlikely that you will fall off the trampoline. Our instructors guide you through the basics and you can always take it at your own pace.

Do I have to be coordinated?

No, we practice coordination through our method and we’ve seen people transform their coordination control! It will come with some practice.

Do you sell waters?

Yes, we sell water bottles for $1. We provide complimentary water if you bring your own reusable water bottle.

Do you have showers?

No, however, we have a changing room, complimentary facial wipes and dry shampoo, and you’re more than welcome to freshen up for your next adventure!

What type of shoes do I wear?

For bounce or sculpt classes, we require closed-toed athletic shoes with supportive soles. For barre classes, we recommend open-toed grip socks, however, taking class barefoot is fine too!

If I am on the waitlist, when will I know if I’m adding into the class?

At least 6 hours before the class time. Make sure to keep checking your email.

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