Bounce Society is a platform for specialized fitness professionals to teach group fitness classes.  We offer a remarkable facility, personal training, group classes, private events, and weight loss programs.  Our equipment includes fitness trampolines, barres, and multiple muscle toning props.

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Bounce Cardio

Offering different levels to fit your needs! Basic Bounce: prerequisite, Bounce-EZ: beginner, Bounce: intermediate, Bounce-X: advanced

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Muscle Sculpt

Dynamic movements to tone & shape your body into tip-top shape. Every class hits arms, abs, & booty!

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Get the absolute best of both worlds with a combination of bounce cardio & muscle sculpting. Client favorite.

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Move through athletic ballet positions and sculpt exercises in creative ways that elevate your heart rate and tone your body.

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Offering Bounce Restore and Barre Restore: The last half of class is dedicated to yoga flow and restorative stretching. Good vibes only!

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Dance Cardio

Dance-based movement infused with sculpt exercises and upbeat music! The workout goes quick when you're having fun! No need to be a "dancer."

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clock10 minutes of bouncing is better than 30 minutes of running. Time is everything!

trampolineRebounder workouts tone your booty & thighs quickly! See results right away.


lemonsClears up a cold, sickness, or even a hangover by detoxifying the lymph system in your body.

vertical-movementVertical movements cleanse the circulatory system and send fresh blood to the heart.

leavesBasically, we’re bouncing on the fountain of youth.

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