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Bounce Society is a whole new cardio & muscle sculpting experience.

We specialize in bouncing on individual trampolines, in a way that is innovative & exciting. Every class is carefully constructed by our incredible instructors. We offer 60-minute cardio & toning classes with a Half & Half option.

Check out all our different class types below.

Bounce Cardio

Experience cardio in a new and exciting way. Build your endurance and see results right away. Don't worry, we sculpt the buns, abs & arms in this hour class too.

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Muscle Sculpt

60 minutes of dynamic movements to tone & shape your body into tip-top shape. Inspired by dance, martial arts, yoga & sports movement.

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Get the absolute best of both worlds with a combination of bounce cardio & muscle sculpting. Client favorite.

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Bounce Restore

A fusion of trampoline cardio and yoga flow; designed to alleviate soreness, rejuvenate your body, and give your mind a well-deserved moment of reflection. Good vibes only!

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Move through athletic ballet positions and isometric moves in creative ways that elevate your heart rate and tone your body.

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